Sophomore Class Council Sets Goals For the Year


Haili Ballard

Sophomores Paola Gonzalez, Maya Grudman, Nolan Mejia, and Madison Blankenhorn are pictured smiling. Each one plays an important role to help represent their sophomore class.

Haili Ballard and Sophie Mostamand

Every year, you elect students to hold a role in your classes student council, but do you know what they actually do throughout the year? We talked to the sophomore class council to get an inside look at what their roles entail throughout the school year.

For the sophomore class council, Nolan Mejia holds the position of class president.

“Currently, I am working on [making class shirts and planning future fundraisers],” Mejia said.

According to Mejia, planning events and fundraisers generally goes with three steps.

“First, we have to plan the perfect date when there are no other fundraiser conflicts or important school events such as basketball games and dances. Next, we schedule and plan the fundraiser as well as run it by ASB. The last and most important thing is to advertise the fundraiser by putting it the announcements, posting it on our Instagram and letting [anyone who is a] part of the Sage Creek Community know about it,” Mejia said.

Treasurer Paola Gonzalez shared her favorite part of being a part of the class council.  

It is really fun to be able to be with my friends and talk over things and help our class,” Gonzalez said.  

Although being a part of the class council is hard work, each member has something to say about the positive impact they take away from it.

it is a bit of a challenge but it is really fun to overcome obstacles”

— Nolan Mejia

“[I] enjoy taking up the role because it is a bit of a challenge but it is really fun to overcome obstacles and think of creative ways to fundraise,” Mejia said,  “However, I most enjoy knowing that I am helping the class.”

As for secretary Madison Blankenhorn, her favorite part is that they, “all work together and put in [their] own ideas [and that she likes] working as a team.”

Vice President Maya Grudman added that she, “like[s] being able to contribute to the Sophomore class… [and]representing them.”

As for the future of the class of 2021, they all have goals that they hope to meet by the time of their graduation.

“One goal by 2021 is to have a lot of money from successful fundraisers that we can use towards fun activities for our senior class. Another goal is that I also want to have a ton of school spirit and win the class cup [in 2021],” Mejia said.

One goal by 2021 is to have a lot of money from successful fundraisers”

— Nolan Mejia

As for Blankenhorn, she says that her goal is, “To have more money and be able to do things without budget restrictions, like how… [the class is] now.”

Grudman’s plan for the class is that, “Hopefully [the class of 2021] will be able to go on the Disney trip and not have to pay that much for it, with the help of all of the fundraisers.”

All in all, the members of the class councils work together to ensure that their class is well funded and prepared for when their final year of high school approaches, so they are ready and well funded to do the activities that they choose as a senior.